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About Me


Drew Shever




Raleigh, North Carolina

Hello, Thanks for visiting my site! This place reviews my previous experiences, discusses some of my skills, and showcases some of the creative work that I’ve developed. I currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina and work at Cisco. Prior to joining Cisco, I graduated with an Accounting and Business Management degree at the University of Louisville. During my time at Louisville, I held leadership positions in several student organizations and completed internships at Cisco and a financial startup company. Prior to college, I lived in Paducah, KY and started an award-winning cell phone repair company. Through my several unique experiences, I’ve developed a very creative thought process and efficient work ethic.

My Work Experience



Experience :


2016 to present

Cisco Sales Associate Program (CSAP)

In this position, I am trained for three months on Cisco technologies and skills to help solve challenges companies face in todays changing world. Following training, we shadowing current account managers for nine months.


2015 to 2016

World Wide Field Sales Intern

– Analyzed and identified opportunities for seven accounts in different market verticals
– Researched financial information and industry initiatives to produce business outcomes that increased EPS
– Presented to account managers for Tesla, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Autodesk, Zazzle, Flextronics, and Public Sector
– Collaborated daily with team members, executives, and coaches for continuous feedback
– Experienced interactions between Cisco’s account managers and Cisco’s customers

University of Louisville - Student Activities Board

May 2014 - 2015

Director of Marketing

– Assisted with training and development of general board members
– Advised members in developing marketing strategies and marketing materials for events
– Designed and maintained SAB webpage and develop innovative promotional ideas
– Promoted SAB as an organization through coordinating with external departments

Danville Capital


Business Development Analyst

This position included sourcing potential acquisition targets through multiple means of communication, while also interfacing regularly with investment bankers, business brokers, and other intermediaries. Furthermore, I analyzed potential target companies’ financial statements, business models, and statistics and then summarized this information and made recommendations to Danville’s principal. These processes often included:
– Identifying and researching specific priority industries
– Composing and distributing regular newsletters to intermediaries, sellers, and investors
– Building and maintaining a CRM database
– Approve and sign non-disclosure agreements
-Collaborating daily with other analysts to develop efficient strategies and execute effectively as a team
-Meeting regularly with the principal

University of Louisville - Student Government Association

May 2013- May 2014

Director of Communications

As the Director of Communications for the Student Government Association, I was responsible for promoting SGA initiatives, events, and projects. This often required quick turn-a-rounds and an ability to work with a wide range of staff members, faculty, and students. On a daily basis, I was required to use programs like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, as well as online applications like Google Docs. Graphic design was a key part of this position as I constantly worked to create flyers, banners, handouts, brochures, t-shirts, signs, and other items to promote the branding of SGA. Also, I oversaw all visual media that SGA outputs including videos (CardCast), photography of events, and social media postings (Facebook, Twitter, OrgSync, Livestream). Finally, l served as a designer and manager for the SGA website, which keeps all students up to date on SGA initiatives and happenings.

University of Louisville - Student Activities Board

May 2014 - 2015

Spirit and Traditions Chairman

As the Chairman of the Spirit and Traditions Committee, I was in charge of recruiting a group of highly motivated individuals to organize traditional events while incorporating new ones. Some of the traditional events are the Annual Crawfish Boil and homecoming festivities. Our events incorporated many different aspects, but our main goal was to put on successful events that united the University of Louisville and instill a sense of pride and belonging.

– Recruited and managed a committee of 21 students
– Managed $50,000 budget; created marketing materials and event schedules; handled vendor contracts
– Revitalized Homecoming Week events, upping student attendance and involvement

Paducah iPhone Repair

July 2010 - August 2012


As business owner of Paducah iPhone Repair I managed inventory supply, as well as taking responsibility for quality of work. This electronic repair company taught great communication skills that are vital for the success of any project. Also, I learned organizational skills that contributed to an efficient business model, and advertising skills to reach a large consumer base. These skills combined contributed to my business being voted number one in 2012 for “The Best Place to Get Your Phone Repaired” by The Paducah Sun which consist of over 26,000 readers. In August of 2012 I sold Paducah iPhone Repair due to further my education at the University of Louisville.

Education :

University of Louisville

2012 to 2016


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A), Accounting and Business/Management

I am good at

My Skills

My Skills

Creative Strengths

From starting a cell phone repair business in July of 2010 to the various jobs that I held throughout college, graphic design and website development have been instrumental in my success. For the cell phone repair business, I was able to set up an online website and create marketing materials to enable online transactions and help reach new customers. This directly increased my profits and established credibility as a new business. As I entered college, I applied for positions on the Student Activities Board and the Student Government Association. In the positions I approached new situations from a different vantage point. Furthermore, these skills helped establish record attendance at events and create a positive image for these organizations. Part of my graphic design portfolio can be seen below and it has grown to include the creation of several websites, marketing materials for events, and rebranding efforts for organizations.


  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wordpress
  • Adobe Dreamweaver



Pretty Good



From starting a business in High School, choosing to major in Accounting, completing internships in the technology and financial industries, to holding several event planning and marketing positions in college, I’ve gained a unique perspective on business and operations. I’m able to apply things that I’ve learned in each of these positions to every new job, allowing a unique and creative thought process to question the methods of traditional operations and help improve on those methods.

  • Web design and development
  • Digital media development
  • Event Planning
  • Strong creative skills
  • The ability to pay attention to detail
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Microsoft Office
  • Budgeting
  • Recruitment, Member Retention, Management
Everything Cisco!

Cisco Knowledge

Cisco Knowledge

Cisco Skills

Through my time at Cisco as an intern and now part of the Certified Sales Associate Program (CSAP), I have gained valuable insight into the various technologies and tools we use to succeed on a daily basis. During the internship, the primary responsibilities included hours of industry research and account presentations. In the CSAP program, I have learned about different technologies and sales processes, completed thousands of cold calls, and shadowed multiple roles throughout the virtual sales organization. This provides a unique prospective on how Cisco operates as such a large company.


Cisco Commerce Workspace

Cisco Technologies

Industry Knowledge

Cisco Certifications

Internet of Things Sales Fundamentals

This certification validates the understanding where IoT fits within the IoE framework, the business case for IoT with differing decision makers, solution elements, ``Big Data``, and recognizing sales opportunities.

Advanced Security Architecture

The certification covers Cisco security products and how to properly positioning them to fit the needs of customers. This exam reviewed the different points of attack and how Cisco fits in to the complete security lifecycle.

Advanced Collaboration Architecture

This certification covers Cisco Collaboration Solutions and how to properly position them to customers. The exam focused on the vast array of Cisco technologies that help businesses collaborate effectively on a daily basis.

Selling Business Outcomes

This certification covers the skills related to selling technology services and solutions with a business outcome focus. Questions on the exam covered essential capabilities to grow pipeline and revenue through work across sales stages from ``Prospect`` through ``Close``